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  • Pediatric Care for Your Child in Every Stage of Their Growth

    From birth until they reach adulthood, The Pediatric Center can provide quality care for your child. You can trust the health of your child, no matter what stage they are in, to our experienced, board certified team of doctors and physician's assistants.

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  • Quality Care You—And Your Child—Can Smile About

    At The Pediatric Center, we strive to help you and your child remain happy and healthy, even during the visit. Our caring pediatricians help all of our patients, and their families, feel at ease, which is why so many have shared their gratitude with us.

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  • Convenient Care When Your Children Need It

    The Pediatric Center offers both preventative and need based care for your child. Whether you need to schedule immunizations in advance or your child falls ill suddenly, our appointment schedule, along with our extended office hours, can ease your mind.

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The Pediatric Center provides child health care services, including immunizations, well child checks, injury treatment, and more!

The Pediatric Center Offers Qualified Pediatricians in Idaho Falls, ID

When the health of your child matters, come see us at The Pediatric Center. We are board certified and have been serving Eastern Idaho since 1959. Your child’s health and well-being are very important to us. We provide the highest quality pediatric care from birth to the age of 19 years old. Our professional and friendly staff are dedicated to making you and your child feel as comfortable as possible. We even have an in house lab that ensures your results are quick and always accurate.

As a parent, we understand that your child—and their health—is one of your biggest concerns. Our pediatricians and other staff members are here to answer your questions; equip you with helpful information; treat common injuries, illnesses, and ailments; and provide the preventative care your child needs. We work together as a team to support your child through the different stages of growth. To learn more about The Pediatric Center, feel free to browse this website at your convenience, or go ahead and give us a call today! We’re happy to supply any additional information you might need, or help you set up an appointment.

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